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The Adventures Of Tintin : Marlinspike Hall


Hello everybody,

I'm a real French fan of the belgian comic strips "the adventures of Tintin", and from I was a little child, of course fan of Lego.

Now, I'm AFOL like you and "tintinophile" as we say in french, so I like to create always some personnal creation with my Lego around the universe of Tintin.

Let me introduce you one of them, Marlinspike Hall, the famous castle in the adventures of Tintin. As you know maybe, the original name in French is "château de Moulinsart".

My version is a little castle, but with a complete garden, with trees, the wall and the door.

The 3rd picture is my creation during a french exhibition in Versailles near Paris.

The size of my model is around 38,4cm X 64cm and contain 1951 parts.

If like me, your dream is to buy and build a Tintin Lego set in the future, please support my project !

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