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Bob's Kabobs Alternate Build

Hello Lego community! Recently I got Bob's Kabobs in the creative ambush set, and I thought like everyone probably did when they saw it unveiled, What would it look like as a Kebab stand?

And so I started pulling apart the flying machine I rebuilt it into this!

This uses every piece from the flying 'Machine' and as you can see it is quite large! The Kabob at the top still turns around. If this gets voted to be a set, it would be a 2-in-1 set and would be
10-15 Pounds.

This is the LDD design - I built it on LDD later so I could make building instructions! But note LDD is limited so certain things couldn't be built with it. Please only use the instructions, (They are on the website, the link is at the very bottom of this page) if you have the creative ambush because some pieces are not included and piece colors are wrong - there are also no stickers on LDD.

This is the Micro Manager. He can fit a ROBO-SWAT inside, and has a flick missile. Tennis Dennis will need Bob's help if he wants to escape the fierce Micro Manager!

Bob is hungry for some costumers so don't delay! Support today!

Share this with your friends, and tell them to too! The picture above shows how we can make this happen!

Thank You,

(Please view my WIX site for this project, it has the building instructions! Copy and paste this into your browser:

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