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Tree Stump Gnome Home


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Updated January 9th:

I refined the ground that the stump was sitting on, managing to shrink the footprint and lower the piece count while adding a few details here and there, both inside and outside the tree stump. I think the end result is a little more elegant while also upping the playability of the set. Also, the gnomes now have a snail friend! His name is Slippy and he's a big help when Mrs. Gnome needs to cart a basket of blueberries back to the house.

Hello, and welcome to this picturesque, well-maintained Tree Stump Gnome Home!

Have you ever looked at a tree stump and wondered what might be going on inside? Wonder no more, as all your questions can be answered with this detailed playset! This realistically-modeled hollowed-out tree stump is home to Mr. and Mrs. Gnome, who spend their days tending to the lush yard surrounding their tree stump home, and their evenings comfy and cozy inside.

I designed this set for my wife, who has a well-developed sense of whimsy. She was quite enamored with it, and I think this set can find a good home with any Lego fan who wants to step back from their hectic day and spend a few minutes immersed in the care-free world of a happy gnomish couple.


  • The stump swivels open to reveal the detailed gnome home inside.
  • A blueberry bush and a bucket for collecting blueberries so Mrs. Gnome can make her world-famous (though very small) blueberry cream pies.
  • A secret compartment beneath a rock where Mr. Gnome keeps his secret cache of gnome gold.
  • A clothes line out back, fashioned from a pair of discarded pencils.
  • A pot-bellied stove inside, perfect for heating up tea during the cold winter months.
  • A cone-top stove pipe on the stump’s exterior, because we don’t want the gnome home to get too smokey when Mrs. Gnome is baking.
  • A cozy bench beneath the mushroom, for relaxing with that special gnome-someone when the day is through.
  • A bookshelf populated with only the finest of best-selling gnomish literature.
  • A lovely golden chandelier to keep the inside well-lit once the sun goes down.
  • Designed at 1:1 scale, all the better for immersing yourself into the world of these adorable gnomefolk.
  • Comes with 2 minifigs – Mr. Gnome and Mrs. Gnome.

Physical Dimensions:
16.7” W x 11.5” L x 7.0” H
2,487 pieces

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