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"Meh..." - Gudetama

Gudetama is a cartoon character, created by Sanrio designer AMY, real name Nagashima Emi. The character's name can be translated to English as "lazy egg".

Despite its unmotivated habit, the identification with the character is very inspiring to me. Sometimes, it's okay to be tired or lazy a bit, and after recognizing it, it's easier to start or continue some activity.

The model was a great challenge as always, it's interesting to design and build something rounded and small with some details. It was hard to give back the expression of its laziness and indolence of the yolk. It's also an interesting task to design the texture and shape of the bread and the bacon.

I think this idea will be a great set because it's cute, funny, and recognizable.

The set includes around 190 bricks.

I hope you like, share and support it!
Thank you for your attention!

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