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The SCT Drone


The SCT (Spacecraft Technician) Drone is a robot used to maintain and repair space stations and spaceships when qualified human individuals are not readily available to be sent into the far reaches of space to repair and maintain the complex operating systems of futuristic space stations and spaceships. Its nimble design allows it to reach into crevices and other hard-to-get places with ease.


The proposed set will feature three robot figures, the standard model (pictured), as well as the parts needed to build two variants (all three can be built at once); one in a blue/black color scheme and one in a red/black color scheme (there is a picture of most of the colored pieces that would come in the set, the exception being this piece, which would also come in black). The set itself would contain 192 pieces (64 per figure), each figure features 20 points of articulation, can be posed in a wide variety of ways, and looks great when on display or in play! Thank you for viewing my project!

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