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Shishi Odoshi (Deer Scare) - A Lego Kinetic Sculpture

A while ago, I was on a trip to Southern California and went into a Japanese meditation garden. Right at the entrance, I saw one of these. I was captivated by its simplicity and beauty. Shishi Odoshi originally were made as a way to scare animals away from eating their crops. They slowly fill up with water from a river until they reach a tipping point. The water changes the balance towards the front of the Shishi Odoshi, and it tips towards the front and the water empties out, returning the balance point to the back and making a loud cracking noise once it hits the bottom, scaring all nearby animals away from the farm.

I tried to make it look as realistic as possible without using water, and as compact as possible. the mechanism should make it look like it dumps water once every 12 rotations of the crank. I made it so that no gears had to be aligned, just one simple part does on an axle. I added a rotation lock mechanism that keeps it from rotating the wrong way and breaking. I also made it so that the axle that the crank is on cannot be pulled out so that it would not have to be rebuilt if it was accidentally pulled out.

I made it so that there were panels on the side, mainly because I personally like watching mechanisms in other kinetic sculptures. It also makes it so that its much easier if it breaks down; The piece won't be stuck in the bottom and it will be easy to find and put back. I hope you like this! It took me a while to build, I would really appreciate if you supported it.

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