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I Work in Space: Service Module

Here's an update of the Apollo Service Module as a cargo carrier. The two cargo bins in the middle have opening hatches on the back. The cockpit and cargo containers can be easily removed from the engine section for docking with Space Station Habitat Modules. The engine section is an oval-shaped column with a large rocket cone in back. It has attitude jets mounted just behind the cargo area. The cockpit seats one minifig and can also be separated to use as an escape pod or to attach directly to the engine section.

This model has been changed -- it is now part of the 'I Work in Space' series.

Sets in the 'I Work in Space' series:
• #55011 'Tow Truck'
• #55009 'Rocket Car'
• #32859 Service Module
• #54996 'Puddle Jumper'
• #32860 Space Station Module

Here is the front section of the Service Module docked to the Space Station Module. The engine section separates and reconnects easily with either the cargo section or the cockpit section. An eager astronaut makes his way to the docking portal to get at the shipment of new supplies. (There is no matching portal on the Service Module, so you can't position minifigs moving from the ship into the Station).

Service Module with the cargo section detached.

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