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Large Scale LEGO Octopus Piece

       I have always liked lego animal pieces. Specifically ones of ocean animals, because my aspiration is marine biology. So, after the last time I used an octopus piece, I decided I would build a large scale octopus piece. Now, when I say large scale, that does not mean that it is the same scale to a human as it would be to a minifigure. By my calculations, that would make it a life sized 7 arm octopus (7- 15 feet long). In this instance, large scale means that it is simply scaled up a few sizes.

     Back to the set. It is built to look like 5 regular piece: 1 octopus, 2 sea grass pieces, and 2 1x1s with hole that the sea grass pieces go into. Of course, this is just how it appears, and it is actually built of 716 pieces. The "sea grass" pieces can be removed from the "1x1"s, and all the octopus's arms* are completely posable.

     I believe this would make a great set because of how well it mimics regular sized pieces, and because it is simply a fun little toy.

*Yes, arms. Tentacles refer to the 2 longer appendages seen in squid.

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