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Lego City Construction hi-ways Truck

This is City size Construction Hi-Ways Truck, it is a yellow truck and its job is to do drop cones off on main roads or dual carridgeways or motorways, the truck can do light road maintanence. The truck is 8 studs wide and when driving around it is 23 studs long but when the rear impact sign is lowered it is 32 studs long.
What do you get in the set:
1. Road truck
2. Workmen
2. Road barriars
1. Spade
1. Pic axe
9. Cones
1. Wheel barrow
1. Drum with tap
2. Tarmac compactors

I would put this set around £25-£30 and 7+

As you can see at the rear the impact sign is lowered to reveal an arrow sign and lower arrow signs with indicators and pretend orang becons at either corner or the lowered sign.

Rear impact sign has the opersit arrow sign for other directions for road users.

As you can see all the tools, signs and barriars fit in the rear of the truck you can see at the rear of the cab there is a crew or spot light lighting up the rear of the truck and at the front of the sign facing the equipment there is more spot lights to light up the equipment, and at the front and rear there are light bars to help with visability.

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