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Octan Epsilon-class Cruiser


Inspired by the Andromeda's Gates series at the Eurobricks forum, this is a huge but beautiful ship with a bit of a story behind it. Found on an outer planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, this former wreck of a N.W.E. Sentinel-class MK II freighter has been salvaged by Octan engineers and repaired and restored to become one of the latest and most unique ships in the Octan Corporation fleet. While the large engines and the overall structure of the hull remained intact, much of the ship had to be regenerated with Octan technology, including the protective Awesomnium-powered shielded windows and cargo bay doors. The domes near the front were also refitted with manned experimental hemispherical turrets, with incredible maneuverability and visibility. The forward laser cannons and the underside turrets (which link to the manned control systems of the hemispherical turrets), along with the small secondary engines, were also added. As a final touch, the signature colors of the Octan Corporation were built, while still retaining the colors and style of the original ship.

Overall, this ship features fully mobile turrets, massive engines, greeble detailing along the sides, a detailed pilot's cabin with both pilot's and navigator's controls, a catwalk with access ladders in between the large hemispherical turrets, a long hallway between the 6 sleeping cabins, 8 total opening blast doors, a laboratory full of specimens and tech, a stocked refrigerator and small dining area, armory with weapons and equipment, storage containers with tools and accessories, and a huge cargo bay area with room for an Octan C3 Shuttle  all under removable roofs. Included with this creation are five minifigures, including a captain, 3 Octan crew members, and a scientist.

The last photo features the crew all geared up with the weapons and equipment from the armory, and the tools and visors from the storage units.

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