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Black Manta Drop Ship 2.0

This creation is a Black Manta Drop Ship 2.0. It has four laser guns and two rotating laser turrets. My family has finished the LEGO Masters series and that inspired me to build this. I based the Drop Ship of the original Black Manta Sub. I got the turbines from a Batwing and the windshield off a broken Nexo Knights fighter plane. The landing gear is one of my favourite parts as the turbines switch from forward and backwards to up and down. 

The inside of the cockpit contains three screens: one that has of how much heat is in the engines, one that scans the Drop Ship’s surroundings, and one that aims the guns. My goal with this Drop Ship is to make it sharp and sleek. The fire rods are supposed to be lava hot titanium that propel the ship to the speed of light when the accelerator button is pushed. I used the colour of red, black, and neon orange because they are the colours of Black Mantas suit. Another crazy feature of the Drop Ship is the glow in the dark studs on either side of the ship. 

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