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The Ice Cream Peg Game

Welcome to the Ice Cream Peg Game! This project is a different design of the iconic peg game seen at Cracker Barrel. Ice Cream is delicious to eat, so why not play with ice cream too? This peg game is made inside a box, and the Ice Cream Shop is the top. It conceals the game when not in use, which makes it a display piece as well as a super fun game!

Inside the Ice Cream Shop is a freezer with four ice cream flavors, a stand with three cones, and a cash register. The roof comes off if you want to access the inside. Outside there are flowers planted under each window, and little weeds in the grass. There are yellow lights under the roof of the front window.

Overall, this set is fun to display, as well as to play the classic game seen at Cracker Barrel!

If you want to see this as a future set, please support and share! 


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