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Baron Bunny (Genshin Impact)

Here is Baron Bunny!

What is it?
The famous dancing bunny from Amber in genshin impact, but now from LEGO! When Amber triggers her elemental skill (in the game Genshin Impact) the throws Baron bunny on the field, while feeling the groove and having a dance, Baron bunny becomes the center of attention and distracts enemies. After a short while Baron Bunny will explode and deal pyro (fire) damage to enemies. (but don't be afraid, this one won't explode)

Why did I build it?
I like Genshin Impact and wanted to make something from Genshin Impact into LEGO for a while. When drawing characters from Genshin Impact I always stumbled on the details, but with this LEGO model, that won't be a problem at all! I like the fact that Baron Bunny dances before exploding, it is very cute. Baron Bunny is also one of the most well known things from Genshin Impact, that's why I chose to design Baron Bunny.

Why would this make a GREAT LEGO set?
It's Baron Bunny! Everyone who plays or like Genshin Impact will absolutely LOVE this build. It's a great set to have on your shelf or on a display. Baron Bunny can also move all its limbs and its head! This way, you can display Baron Bunny in every pose you want! You can even play with it and make it dance, just like in the game! It also features an Amber minifigure for the minifigure collectors and Amber fans! Many Genshin Impact fans already have their shelves filled with figurines or other Genshin Impact decoration, but I am 100% sure that all Genshin Impact fans would make some space for a BIG LEGO Baron Bunny!

The construction process
I used bricklink 2.0 to design this build. I started with the head, but after a while I took a break to search up some more reference material. The biggest problem I had with the head was collision and stability. I wanted to make the build stable so there is a chance it won't break if you accidentally drop it, but this was quite the challenge. I managed to make a strong construction and went on with the body. after creating the body and all limbs, I figured there were problems with the moving of the limbs. After a lot of tweaking and making adjustments, I finished the design with 1856 parts.

Fun facts
  • It took me 10 - 12 hours to design this set, imagine how many music tracks I have listened to!
  • The build contains 1856 pieces and 1 custom made minifigure
  • The build contains various pieces that are unavailable in the color that they are in
  • The Amber minifigure that is designed with Parts designer is my very first self designed piece
  • Amber is the first character that joins your party in Genshin Impact

Why you should support this set and spread the word
Genshin Impact is alread used in a few amazing builds but it would be super cool if LEGO would make Genshin Impact sets. I am a big fan of big sets like the mighty bowser, big sets have amazing display potential, and so does this set. If you can support and tell others to support too, this set can get 10.000 supporters and it might become a real set afterwards!

Thank you for reading! :D (and supporting)
The LEGO Baron Bunny, From a LEGO and Genshin Impact fan, for all LEGO and Genshin Impact fans

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