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Mini Falcon 9 With Launch Tower/Landing Pad.

Mini Falcon 9 with launch tower/landing pad.

  • Lox-load complete?
  • Lift-off
  • Stage-separation
  • Successful recovery of the first stage!

SpaceX inspires a lot of people, and their workhorse Falcon 9 is becoming the most common rocket nowadays. I imagine many people would want to own a scale model, as I did. Both for just owning it, as much as ( for the younger generation ) to actually play with it. I designed it with the kids in mind.

There is no mini Falcon 9 submitted yet to LEGO IDEAS. Despite its size, it is still pretty accurate. The combination of axle and lightsaber blades in the core make it sturdy enough to play with it. The tower moves away for the launch, the second stage detaches easily, and comes with a gimmick of 1 red-glowing engine ( which can be stashed inside the fairings ). The first stage may return and land on its deployable legs.

The fairings should be all white, of course; part 73111 (round brick 3 x 3 x 2) is currently only available in light bluish grey :-(

This set comes with a combined launch tower/landing pad.
The combination provides a low-priced set with high playability, yet also stands as tribute to the world's most significant rocket after Saturn V.

Find the building instructions and parts-list here. An alternative to the atachment of the fairings is found in the last image. It does not use the Technic pins ("illegal build"), but flips around part 73111 and uses an axle.

This was the inspiration for this project:

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