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Botanical Building, San Diego

== Overview ==

The Botanical Building is an historic building located in San Diego's Balboa Park, in the U.S. state of California. Built for the 1915–16 Panama–California Exposition, it remains one of the largest lath structures in the world. (source: wikipedia)

== Background ==

I visited this building several times when I was in the city and I always loved its vibe. It’s a very unique building in that the lath structure doesn’t isolate its inside from its surrounding environment. The light, sound, wind and even rain are all able to get inside the building. This picture I took will tell you the special feeling when walking inside it:

I learnt from the news that this building is temporarily closed and being restored. From their photos it seems like they’ve torn down everything except its frame. I don’t know what it would look like after the restoration, but I know that people will eventually forget things they thought they wouldn’t forget. That’s why we write, we photograph, and we build Lego of something 🙂

== Details ==

  • Number of bricks: 2,609
  • Dimension WxDxH: 57.6x35.2x31.4 (cm) / 22.7x13.9x12.3 (inch)

The three parts of the dome/ceiling can be removed from the building to show the interior. There are some nice garden beds, paved paths and two small fountains in the building. Twelve species of plants are featured inside the building:

  • Parry's agave
  • devil's ivy
  • crotons
  • calla lily
  • Swiss cheese plant
  • moth orchids
  • bird's nest fern
  • palm tree
  • bamboo
  • daffodil
  • pitcher plant
  • century plant

And in front of the building there’s a lily pond.

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