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Aqua Zone Marine Exhibition

What can I say? I love aquariums! So I decided to combine the two franchises I enjoy the most and make it into one.

The bottom floor shows the cold environments of aquatic life, so the glass is blue-toned to simulate the temperature. The top floor is more exotic and warmer, so those glass-panels are more clear. Check out the pictures: they say more than what I can describe here. Every aquarium is build as a separate module, so the best thing with them is that you can place them almost anywhere to your liking in the building.

The 'mannequin'-modules are just fillers, I ran out on animals on the LDD. Therefore the two last modules are just optional in case you want something else. The Orca whale was originally meant to be a permanent part of the exhibition, but it was just too big. That whale is posted separately here (made by me) - look up "Free Willy" for closer inspection. I f you have any idea for another module, feel free to give me a tip.

I hope you like this model. Please give the Aqua Zone your support in case you do.

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