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The Troupe of Entertainers

Wars, battles, and knight fights... But what about entertainment in the Middle Ages? The life of knights, queens, kings, peasants, and merchants would be dull and unhappy without music and theater. In the ages when only a few could read, the press and the radio were not invented musicians and actors were the only sources of entertainment and information. Visit of traveling entertainers in the village town or castle was always an event and experience to remember.

What can this skilled group bring to your village or castle?
-the play ''The Play of The Dragon and Brave Blacksmith''
-concert ''Songs from forgotten kingdoms''
-the magic transformation of animals (egg into a chicken)
-magic hat tricks
-stilt walking show
-tricks on galloping horses like juggling and crossbow shooting
-trained animals tricks - an owl and dog
-pulling the sword from a log of wood competition
-tight rope walking show
-dagger throwing competition

''The Play of the Dragon and Brave Blacksmith'' tells the story of a dragon who captured a lady. Like every day Lady was cooking carrot soup but suddenly the dragon came and captured her. Dragon said to peasants that he wants to eat carrot soup every day and they need to provide him with all carrots in the kingdom. No one knew what to do. This was a clear disaster for all poor people. Only the brave Blacksmith stood up against the evil creature. He took his father's sword and fought bravely. The dragon was slain, and Blacksmith become a knight and married rescued lady. He was granted a castle and land by the king. :)

Alba who plays the violin is also a petty thief. When other members perform, she steals from the audience. She also knows how to open closed doors and climbed a castle tower. Alba knows how to forge King’s or any other seal. Of course, he learned about this from other troupe members. Sarah and Pacifica are twin sisters. When one of them plays Lady captured by a dragon the other one wears a dragon costume. Of course, the story of The Dragon and Brave Blacksmith is being told by Pádraig who plays on the lute. 

The mechanism in the blue wagon rotates flames. In the red wagon, you can find a hidden compartment – it can be used as a hideout for a fugitive who needs to leave town secretly. A secret compartment can be also used to smuggle letters and stolen or forbidden goods.
Wagons and elements used for performance can be used to build a camp in the wilderness.
The troupe knows how important it is to protect themselves when traveling. After a long day of traveling all animals needs to be fed. Swords, spears, and crossbow will help them to defend themselves. Owl and dog always keep a watch at night.

Set consists of 625 pieces 2 horses, rabbit, chicken, dog, and owl plus 5 Minifigures:
-Sarah the Lady Dragon
-Pádraig the bard
-Pacifica the knife thrower
-Cassian the blacksmith
-Alba the juggler

If you have asked me why I created this set I would answer:
-I wanted to show how important music and theatre were in the Middle Ages.
Why should this be a LEGO set?

-This set brings not only fun and play but also historical information. In the Middle Ages news, music and stories were spread by traveling troupes of musicians and actors. Just this one set built from wagons minifigs and animals can give you a lot of entertainment and be a great addition to the castle collection. Using the exact pieces you can build various scenes.
So what is it?

-I have checked many historical sources and I think I have captured entertainment scenes from the Middle Ages. Musicians were traveling across the world telling stories in the form of plays and songs.
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