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Porsche 917 Le Mans

Build one of the most iconic racing machines in the history of motorsports with the Porsche 917, the car that won the crowning achievement of endurance racing - 24 hours of Le Mans - twice! This version is based on the famous Gulf Oil livery, and it seats 1 minifigure driver.

Ideally I'd want a sticker or printing on the windshield to represent the frame, similar to the canopy of the new Lego A-wing, so there is a post dividing the windshield from side windows. The set could include more stickers for sponsors and car numbers, and maybe a pit crew and another driver.

1/10/2014 - 100 supporters

"What's that you say? I look just like Steve McQueen?"

Martini Racing Porsche 917, regular and psychedelic paint schemes

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