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STAR WARS AAT Trade federation assault tank

I created this fairly simple but very nice and sleek version of the AAT from Episode one of the Star Wars movies. I really paid attention to the details and it is really very similar to the actual model from the film and also it is far better than both AATs LEGO released. Contains only about 500 bricks, so it is easily affordable, but still nice. Sorry for lower quality of the fotos, I don't have the patience to shoot them nicely, I am more of a designer and builder :-D

Recreation of the scene with Jar Jar hanging on the big gun.

Droid gunner in the rotating top.

Back of the vehicle with loading ramp and one droid pilot inside. You can see, that even the rear is very detailed with dark bluish gray motor pieces underneath the turret top.

It's aiming at you!! You better support! :-D

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