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Cats and Dogs

This set includes 2 cats, 1 kitten, and 2 dogs. They are all fairly small, and all go well together. They are all different species, but all just the same amount of fun!

The two dogs are so happy! They have their tounges sticking out and their ears flopped to add an extra touch of cuteness! Their bodies are extra long, just like a normal realistic doggy.

The cats and kittens all have their ears straight up, and their long tails are even included in the back of their bodies. I made their bodies fairly short, just because they are much smaller than a dog, and its more realistic that way.

They all stand on Lego stands, keeping them nice and stable. They all basically have the same structure type, with a few changes here and there.

These dogs are up for adoption! Only you can help them get adopted by supporting this project! These dogs are free AND care-free!

Meowy ( small, kitten, tan)
Hissy ( black cat)
Purry (orange, black, and white cat, Calico)
Barky (large grey dog, Greyhound)
Howly (small, white dog, Maltese)

Hope you enjoy this!!

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