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Coffee Van

Have you ever wondered why food that comes from a travelling food truck tastes so good? I'm sure it has something to do with being able to order a delicious meal or drink from wherever you find yourself! I'd like to introduce to you, the travelling Coffee Van food and drink truck!

Get your delicious latte on the go, or favourite cup of joe before work, or perhaps you'd like a little cupcake or sweet treat for yourself and a friend! This food truck has it all, with the convenience of moving around to YOU!

The Coffee Van set comes with:
  • A removeable roof: So you can play around on the inside!
  • Openable Back and Side Door: To get yourself in, and your coffee out!
  • Table and Chairs: For your Minifigs to sit and enjoy their food and drink!
  • Two Minifigures: One Barista and One Customer!
  • A Tiny Coffee Machine: Cute!
  • Plenty of Coffee and Sweet Treats to enjoy!

Easy to build, fun to play with, and would fit perfectly in any LEGO City environment! It's around 550 bricks, and could be YOUR next LEGO Ideas set to buy!

I hope you enjoy my LEGO Coffee Van! Feel free to comment, ask a question and don't forget to support!

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