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The Frightening Vampire Lord's Manor


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"Welcome to your frightening doom, behold the Vampire Lord's Manor, a realm of shadows and treachery. Navigate its ominous halls, where every step might trigger unseen traps. Beware the lurking danger of a man-eating tree, trap doors, spiders and more guarding the secrets of the darkened estate. Trespassers, be warned, for the Vampire Lord's home is a fortress of peril and fright"

The idea

This is an original build created by me. I wanted to make a very tall gothic castle, tall enough to eclipse the sun to house a Vampire lord and his evil army.

The Build

The manor is resting atop of a mountain. There are only two ways to get inside the main door and a secret hole guarded by a spider from the back. The stairs to the main door is booby trapped and will launch trespassers off the mountain. If somehow they make it across and walk through the main door there is a trap door that will send unwanted guests into the dungeon for ghoulish experimentation.

  1. Opens/closes with hinges
  2. Each floor is minifigure accessible
  3. trap door, trap staircase
  4. Dungeon room
  5. vampire resting chamber
  6. Throne room
  7. Astronomy tower
  8. Archery tower
  9. swinging cage with skeleton prisoner
  10. man-eating tree
  11. gate entrance

Roughly about 2206 pieces 

Length: 24.8 in
Height: 22.7 in
Width: 18.2 in


  1. Vampire Lord
  2. Spider-witch
  3. Evil guard
  4. Zombie servant
  5. Skeleton

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