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Imperial Liner


Another thanks...

Here's the second. Which one you like best? Leave a comment and share your favorite picture with your friends!


Thanks to 500 supporters!

A great THANK YOU to all supporters of my project so far! As promised, I'll post pictures of different color schemes!

Here's the first! Of which ship it reminds you? Leave a comment and keep sharing!


Thanks to 300 supporters!

Thanks so much to everyone supporting this project so far! Because of your help, this project could triple the amount of supporters in the last month. Keep supporting and sharing!

As a little thanks to all of you, I'll post the picture of different color schemes, if we're reaching 500 supporters! You want to know, how this ship looks in f. ex. the color scheme of the HMS Victory? Then help me getting more supporters.

The next step is waiting for this project! The run has just begun ;)



Thanks to 100 supporters!

Yay! The first step is done! A big THANKS to everyone, who supported this project up to now! Keep on supporting and...

...PLEASE don't forget to SHARE! 

If this ship reaches the next milestone of 1000 supporters, I'll post an update with different color schemes! You can then vote for your favorite ship in the comment section.

Let's do this together! 


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