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Captain Phasma


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This is my fifth Star Wars project of one of interesting Villain in Episode 7. 

I was so captivate by her when I first watched the trailer. Her metallic silver armor and black cloak. What more can I say about this Villain. You may fine she looks very similar to my previous First Order Stormtrooper project. Although they look very similar in many way, but I intended to build her a bit slimmer than a trooper. 

I work a bit more on her armor with more smoothness, since I am intend to build them in a way a bit like an action figure, but at the same time, it is Lego. The more they sees it as a figure, but yet it is Lego. It will more fun to play and review it as a display when it is done.

Well, I hope you all enjoy it, and please give some support to make it come true,

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