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The Princess Bride: Castle Ruins Duel

This is a recreation of the scene from the movie The Princess Bride where Inigo Montoyo and the Man in Black (aka Westley) duel throughout the caste ruins that are located at the top of The Cliffs of Insanity. The reason that I decided to make this set is because The Princess Bride is one of the most popular comedy movies in America, and yet, sadly, there has never been an official set based off of it. The set itself consists of exactly 3,000 pieces (it took me quite a bit of whittling to make that possible) and it includes two minifigures: Inigo Montoyo and Westley. One special feature it includes is that the wooden pole that is suspended between the two columns can be rotated by turning the nob on the other side of the cliff which allows Westley to do his acrobatic flex.

As inconceivable as it seems, I have no form of social media, so I would greatly appreciate it if you could help spread the word for me

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