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3 American Muscles


Hello everybody! These are my three American muscle cars, including a Camaro SS, Ford GT and GT500. All are RWD and have at least 500HP. I have worked long hours in these few cars, finding for pictures that might help me in the building process. I came up with three 8 stud(2 minifig) muscle cars, each with a Stig in it. You can put two people in each car at once, that's why my favorite car is the GT. It is the lowest car I ever built before with a minifig in it. Each car has an interior and steering wheel, so they are pretty realistic. The hardest car to build out of these three is the GT500. It is very complicated to build. 

Please support my project and share it with your friends because I really hope this could be on the shelves. Also, please check out or support, an amazing Caterham Super Seven, which could almost be on the shelves! Hope you like these 3 models, thank you everybody!