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The Crimson Sparrow


The Crimson Sparrow

A mighty pirate vessel ready to sail the high seas in search of treasures and adventure! The ship comes equipped with:

  • A large ram mounted on the bow of the ship
  • Crimson sparrow figurehead
  • 2 front-facing chase cannons
  • 2 mortars on the bow
  • Room for 12 cannons per side (24 total)
  • 2 Swivel guns (mini-cannons) on the stern of the ship

The captain's cabin on the rear of the ship includes a skylight, a large table with map, a writing desk and chair, armor mannequin, model ship and treasure chest. The hold of the ship has crates of cannonballs, rum storage, and has room for 12 cannons; and what pirate ship is complete without a brig? (Jail cell). Also included is a little dinghy (great for fishing).

The ship is designed for a total of 7 sails:

  • 1 triangular sail 17 x 20 (as seen on the Imperial Flagship set #10210-1) mounted between 3 chains on the bow
  • 3 sails 28 x 18 (as seen on the Imperial Flagship set #10210-1) mounted on the front mast
  • 2 sails 28 x 18 mounted on the back mast
  • 1 sail 28 x 18 angled up between two smaller masts on the stern

The deck of the ship and the top of the captain's cabin are removable to reveal the interiors. The ship is crewed by 7 mighty pirates. Just under 2000 pieces.

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