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Old Chemical Lab



Please see my idea for Lego modular building.

This building was inspired by chemical lab which I could discover for myself by thanks of my wife work.

I tried to combine here some serious facts about the chemical approach like the Mass spectrometer with ideas to make it more enjoyable. All the main chemical analysers are situated in the first floor, from which you can go downstairs to the storage or upstairs to the professor's room. In the basement there are situated gas bottles for the chemical analysis. Meanwhile one worker tries to extinguish the fire from the bottle, the others are doing its own job.. Of course, every lab has secret chamber for the most dangerous chemicals..  let discover :)

The entire chemical lab is situated in the old building which is more suitable for the mysterious ideas of the chemical world. 

Hope you will appreciate my idea which counts approx. 1250 bricks and many more ideas how to play :)

Play and dream!

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