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Christmas Lodge


'Tis the season to be jolly!

Falalalala, la la, la, la!

As Halloween fades into the past, and Thanksgiving creeps ever closer, the Holidays fill everyone with merry and fun. Stars twinkle in the eyes of children, and grown ups sit, talk, and drink hot cocoa sweetly.

In the kitchen, Holiday meals are being prepared. Outside, the laughter of children and families ring out for miles. And in this wonderful place, the snow brings a sense of wonder as it touches the little ones' nose.

O', blessed is this day of Merry, a day of Love and Laughter, a day of Peace and Joy, and a day of Memories and Hopes.

As the children build the snowmen, and the men rough around, their mother comes out with a treat that she just baked. And as they eat, with the tree twinkling behind them, they welcome you to their world. A world of Love and Joy!

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