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The Serene Scene

With much luscious plant life, flowing streams of water, and the whistles of flowing trees, this Serene forest is the place to be for the adventurous person or just chill-axing with friends. 
You can kayak or raft through the peaceful river, bird watch with your favorite binoculars, and take a hike with your furry friend. Whatever you choose to do this special place has it all for the nature lover and tree hugger you know you are. 
When the starry night falls, Enjoy some hot cocoa next to the warmth of the fire and pair with some delicious s’mores. But don’t forget to store your treats to keep the friendly critters safe. Then tuck away in your well built tent and sleep away to the peaceful sounds of the night. 
Then Tomorrow do it all again 🌲☀️

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