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The Oregon Trail Kinetic Sculpture


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  My product idea is a kinetic sculpture of the Oregon Trail. The model includes many details. For example, the model has buildings and landmarks. The landmarks include, Fort Laramie, South Pass, and Chimney Rock. On the front of the model there are a couple buildings representing the settlements in Oregon State. Also the model includes very interesting landscapes. It includes a lush forest, a mild grassland, a rushing river and a dry desert. Lastly, there is a crank on the back of the model that makes the compass spin and the wagon move forward along its journey to Oregon. The compass includes a needle that points in the direction the wagon is going. Next to the crank on the back, is a map from the east coast to Oregon.

  I got the idea for this set when I saw “The Oregon Trail Game” online. “Huh. This would be a pretty good idea for a LEGO Ideas submission...” I thought to myself. Now, that idea is right here!

  This would make a great LEGO Ideas set for many reasons. For example, this will teach kids about USA’s early history and how the west coast developed. Also, it will teach people, interesting mechanisms such as the ones used inside of the model.

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