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Muck-- The Forest Village

This is the first of a series of projects based off the free videogame, Muck. The game is set on an island where you must chop down trees and mine rocks, as well as fight enemies and bosses to win. Anyway, with that (very) brief overview of the source material aside, here's my idea.

In Muck, there are usually three small villages that spawn around the map. They are nothing more than a collection of huts and sheds, with some rockpiles and log piles lying around. There are usually 3-5 villagers you can buy stuff from and sell stuff to. There's also typically around 4-6 dudes holding giant beans that are just running around for no reason. Another thing that's in every village is a chest on a pedestal. I put it in the middle, but it's really up to you where you would want it.

There are 8 minifigures included in this set, as well as all 5 of the different crafting stations, and 11 trees (in 4 varieties).

The Minifigures
  1. Player 1-- Player 1 is the minifig with no armor, a wood axe, and a beard.
  2. Player 2-- Player 2 is fully dressed in steel armor, with the shirt, pants, and helmet. He's also got a wood pickaxe. And uh, oh yeah, he's also bearded.
  3. The Smith-- The Smith is the dude with the helmet, no shirt, and the pickaxe. You can buy almost any mining equipment, ores, or swords from him.
  4. The Chef-- Alright... I'll be honest. I messed this guy up. He should have green pants like literally every other villager... excepting the Wildcard (who ain't included). You can buy food stuff from him.
  5. The Woodcutter-- The dude with a plant coming out of his head. He sells woods, axes, and... yeah, that's it.
  6. The Archer-- The archer is wearing the Robin Hood kinda hat. He sells bows, arrows, and... wolfskin??? Yeah, because you can make wolfskin armor with the fletching table, you can buy wolfskin from the archer.
  7. (and 8.) The Runners-- I have no idea what else to call these guys. They're the ones holding beans that run around the village for no good reason.

The Resources (*note that not all resources mentioned below are necessarily in this submission. Only the ones directly following the bullet points are*)
  • Wood-- Provided by the brown trees with green leaves.
  • Birch Wood-- Ya get it by chopping down the birch trees... you know, the white ones? You're gonna need this wood to make steel equipment.
  • Fir Wood-- The tall, pointy, gray and green trees give you this kind of wood. It's necessary (along with mithril ingots) to make mithril gear.
  • Oak Wood-- The trees with red leaves and blue trunks give you this stuff. You're gonna need it to craft adamantite stuff.
  • Rock-- It's literally just stone.
  • Coal-- It's black stone that can get lit on fire. Cool!
  • Iron-- Smelt it in the furnace to make steel ingots (don't ask me why you don't need coal as well)
  • Flax-- used in making certain things... not really sure what though. But it's a pretty blue flower.
  • Wheat-- It is what it is. But you can use 5 of them to craft dough... which can then be stuck in the cauldron to make bread.
  • Sugon Shroom-- The pink mushrooms can refill your stamina bar... and they look cool on the ground.
  • Ligon Shroom-- Yellow mushrooms make you less hungry.
  • Gulpon Shroom-- And red ones make you un-hurt from getting beat up on by enemies.

The Stations
  1. Workbench-- The most basic of crafting stations. You can make wood tools and bows here, and a bunch of other stuff.
  2. Cauldron-- Cook stuff in this one.
  3. Furnace-- Smelt ores into ingots.
  4. Anvil-- Use them ingots to make tools, weapons, and armor. You can also use gold ore to make coins!
  5. Fletching Table-- Make bows, arrows, and wolfskin armor. It's actually kind of cool.

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