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Catherine Cat's Café

This project is a Fabuland inspired café built in a Neo Fabuland style, the idea of employing Fabuland as a visual style, in much the same way that Neo-Classic Space looks to Classic Space as a set of design conventions. You can find out more about my goals for Neo Fabuland here and see more of my Neo Fabuland builds here if you are interested.

First and foremost my aim is to reflect the visual style and colour scheme of the original Fabuland sets whilst taking the level of detail up using the range of parts we now have available to us to create a fully realised environment for Fabuland figures (in this case Catherine Cat, and hopefully at least one customer) to inhabit.

Catherine Cat's Café takes the form of a small two storey building featuring a curved bay window facade, with an oriel window and two dormer windows upstairs, tiled roof and a detailed brickwork corner detail surrounded by a small garden with a paved path and café table. Inside we find an small upstairs kitchen with an oven and bench and a downstairs serving area with counter and menu boards.

If you would like this set to become a reality please support it, and encourage anyone who would like to see Fabuland again grace the shelves to support it too!

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