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Pangolin Friend

     Ever seen a pangolin and think, "Aw, it's so cute, can I have it as a pet?" Well, the answer to that is unfortunately, no, you cannot because they are a endangered species. HOWEVER, you can now support this pocket-sized version to one day maybe have yourself!

(Cool science inbound, skip at your own risk.)

     Pangolin manis is a mammal closely related to animals like the armadillo and anteaters, which lives mainly in Africa and Asia. There are 8 species of the pangolin. Chinese Pangolin, Sunda Pangolin, Palawan Pangolin, and the Indian Pangolin in Asia, and the White-bellied Pangolin, Giant Pangolin, Ground Pangolin, and the Black-bellied pangolin in Africa, and all are endangered in some degree. Pangolins are the only mammals covered in scales and roll up into a ball when threatened. While they do have 4 legs, they usually walk on their hind legs like a T-Rex since their front legs have large digging claws. One adult pangolin can eat up to 70 million insects in a year, which is about 1 insect every 2 seconds!

     I built this because these adorable, kind creatures are quickly being taken from us, and we need a way to remember them. I don't want to see these beauties of nature taken from us anytime soon, and I don't think you do either, so please support this project if you feel inclined.

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