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Blue's Clues Storybook House


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"Hi out there! It's me, Steve. Have you seen Blue, my puppy?"

Blue's Clues is a show which needs no introduction. First airing on Nick Jr. in 1996, the show sees a live-action host running around an animated house to look for clues, and revolutionized children's television forever by integrating audience participation, helping to teach the young audience members and allowing them to form a close connection with the characters. Blue's Clues was followed by Blue's Room in 2004 and Blue's Clues and You! in 2019, and nowadays the series is just as popular among children and parents watching the new series with Josh as it is with grown-up fans nostalgic for their adventures with Steve and Joe.

With such a wide-ranging fanbase and a large focus on education and creativity, I think that Blue's Clues and LEGO would be a perfect fit together. This set was designed with all ages in mind - kids can enjoy playing with all of the rooms inside the house and use the included pawprint tiles to create their own LEGO mysteries, while adults can display this screen-accurate model of the Blue's Clues house to relive childhood memories. After all, both LEGO and Blue's Clues are for everyone.

This model, as proposed, is built from approximately 1150 LEGO elements and includes:

  • LEGO figures of puppies Blue and Magenta and minifigures of hosts Steve, Joe, and Josh, each with their respective Handy Dandy Notebook.

  • Buildable versions of all our friends, including Mailbox, Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika, Tickety Tock, Slippery Soap, Pail, Shovel, and Sidetable Drawer.

  • The iconic Blue's Clues House, fully enclosed and featuring an accurate exterior with yellow walls, open front windows with red curtains, a lavender front door with doggy door, and a red roof with swirl patterns.

  • By removing two locks, one on each side of the roof, the house can hinge open to reveal several playable interior rooms, including:

  • The living room, including the Skidoo picture frame, our Felt Friends, space for Sidetable Drawer with Steve's phone, coral-and-orange-striped wallpaper, and - of course- the all-important Thinking Chair!

  • The Skidoo Frame has four swappable pictures, including the Farm, Joe's Present Store, Outer Space, and the Blue's Room House!

  • The snack room, with a table set with graham crackers on plates, a carton of chocolate milk (Blue's favorite snack), and two cups with straws.

  • The kitchen, with the Spice family's countertop, a bag of groceries, the kitchen cupboard with colorful jars up top, a spatula, floor tiles with a decorated diamond pattern, and the fridge, featuring a drawing of Paprika's little brother Cinnamon!

  • The bathroom, featuring checkered floor tiles, pink-and-white striped walls, Slippery Soap's bathtub, and a shelf containing boxes, shampoo, and colorful towels.

  • Josh's bedroom, featuring striped blue bedsheets and pink walls with white spots.

  • Blue's Room, with the iconic tree clock, white railings, a cushion, a toy block, and portraits of fan-favorite characters Sprinkles and Fred.

  • Also includes the apple tree, featuring colorful flowers at the base, a fun tire swing, and a screen-accurate crumpled paper aesthetic.

  • Additional minifigure accessories include three blue pawprints, Joe's duck Boris, Josh's guitar, a letter from our friends, a detective magnifying glass, and the Blue's Clues storybook.

If you want to see this concept turned into an officially released LEGO set, please click the yellow support button (right on desktop, above on mobile) and share this project around online using the hashtag #legobluesclues . We need 10,000 supporters for LEGO to consider turning this concept into a real set - a hefty challenge, but together we can make this set a reality!

This set concept was built and rendered in Bricklink Studio 2.0.

Thank you so much for your support! If you have any questions or feedback regarding this concept, don't hesitate to rate and comment. Please check the "Updates" tab to see any updates and additions that have been made to the project since the original upload, and check out my profile to see my other projects.

P.S. Snail is hiding in three of the renders for this project - see if you can find her!

"Now it's time for So Long, but we'll sing just one more song... "

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