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Texas Jack Rabbit


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     This iconic Texas Jack Rabbit can be found in the western part of Texas. This LEGO replica shows off the amazing features of the Jack Rabbit. This should become a official set because this model has what LEGO models are starting to lose, the use of just normal LEGO bricks! The simple, yet great black base adds to the Jack Rabbit's beautiful look. This is different than the LEGO models on market right now, but different is good! If this set gets chosen, the design needs to keep the Texas feel, and show of the Texas Jack Rabbit's Beauty.

     Over 16 hours have been poured into this model, created using LEGO Digital Designer. Each brick has been hand placed and carefully looked over to make sure it looks good. With your support, we can bring this magnificent Jack Rabbit to the LEGO world and bring back this great style of building to LEGO sets!

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