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The Daylight Limited

I'm proud to be the first to bring Southern Pacific's Daylight Limited to Lego. While I did expect only a small amount of competition, I wasn't expecting to be the only one. Here she is at last ladies and gentlemen, the pride of the south, The Daylight limited, in all her beauty!

Okay, so maybe not all her beauty, I mean I kinda had to guess what the cab and coach's interior looked like. I also had to guess what her top looked like from above, the location of her whistle, and emergency steam release parts where located, but I'm pretty sure I'm close. I took a wild guess on the coach's color scheme, so please don't hate me. My "Daylight" only looks chubby because I didn't have big enough wheels to make her full length, plus, she's cuter this way.

Coming in hot, on this high-detail model, is interior space to fit entire armies of minifigures, side by side, in these specially widened coaches. The Daylight Limited is also scaled in such a manner, allowing the engineer to sit beside the fireman, (or exercise with the shovel), as they pilot the express. Set has precisely 3,000 pieces, no more no less. Train set is a total of ten studs wide, (give or take a stud if you include the railings). I was forced to stop building the final coach's interior because I hit the brick limit, so I'll leave that to whoever builds it after me, should be fun right?

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