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Modular Hardware Store


This is the second time round for this modular design, I have made some small interior changes in the downstairs hardware store. So please read on everyone. 

Welcome to the city branch of Farmer's Co-op, for decades this branch has helped the rural community with insurance and merchandise. In rural towns there are larger branches which also deal in seed and fertiliser also being a real estate and livestock agent.

The ground floor is merchandise department stocked with tools, irrigation parts, chain saws, water pumps and fencing hardware.

Climb the staircase you can enter the office of the insurance department, the agent sits behind his desk to his right is the bookcase containing ledger books. A comfy chair, a delightful planter and wonderful drapes complete the room.

The frontage of this building use Victorian era designs in particular the windows and their trim. Not only that but the colours of the brickwork are also Victorian era also.

This set includes three minifigs, with one being a humble farmer visiting the big city.

The tools included are two of each of these items, shovel, classic hammer and classic spanner/screwdriver.

There are no stickers involved in this set, everything is brick built or uses a combination of technic and standard Lego parts.

The price on this set would be half that of the standard modular set being it's only 16 wide.

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