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Auto Repair Garage 1930s


This is my first LEGO ideas project, Auto Repair Garage 1930s. You can see light blue vehicle at the entrance of the garage with smoke from the engine and losing one tire. Also, you can see lots of other classical features, such as old gasoline pumps and license plates in the past. On the right side of the building, you can see two oil tanks, a broomstick, and a classical engine crane.

Inside, I added lots of details which represent the garage of 1930s. For example, I attached wood-cased wall clock on the wall, and early radio on the little chair. Moreover, I added old damaged pipe and spider web in the wall. 

The light blue classic car was strongly inspired by cars from the 1930s. It has openable four doors and detachable roof. Inside, it has extremely large rear seat space which resemble old luxury vehicles.

I started to make this LEGO set because I like to make cars in LEGO, and I wanted to make a perfect garage for my cars. I think this will be an unprecedented product because there was no building for large cars in the recent LEGO sets. I hope you like this idea!!

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