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Level 1: Julius Caesar Defends the Roman Forum


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"Civilizations and Empires" Level 1: Julius Caesar Defends the Roman Forum

If children get excited about World History, amazing things start to happen. Inevitably, it starts with fighting, and so it's a great way to grab their attention..... but it leads immediately to deeper questions about the march of science, about globalized geopolitics, about the fragility of the environment, and to questions about what our world will be like in the near future. For the children, this is the first step on that journey!

It also opens up all the great "What if?" questions that shape our modern world... What if Hero's steam engine was used for more than just a demonstration model? What if Greek-Fire was used to create new fuels instead of warfare? What if the Greco-Roman Empire had never really fallen, and kept science alive? It opens the door to Ancient-Punk, Da-Vinci-Punk, Steam-Punk, and any Utopian future that Lego can envision!

These sets have been in the making for 36 years now. They all draw on the massive input of over a hundred archaeologists, scientists, and historians from six continents, most of whom have 4-to-8-year-olds of their own now, and all of whom are thinking about what kinds of toys they want for their own children. And when they see this, all of them are all asking the exact same question... "Why hasn't Lego done this years ago?!"

Also come and see the Flickr slideshow of all the hi-res images and concept art with glimpses of all of the movies, shows, and books that inspired the whole series..... I think we all know that Ancient World sets would make a ton of money for Lego, and bring millions of nostalgic fans out of their Dark Ages. Plus you can imagine if any teacher put one of these on their desk at school, the kids would love it immediately!

As our story begins, Hannibal V, the Great-Great-Grandson of the conquered strategic genius is headed to Rome, and this time he's looking for payback! He's crossed over the snowy Alps with his massive Carthaginian war-elephant, and he is bent on tearing the city apart! Now Caesar is called upon to defend the capitol at all costs!

  • The behemoth smashes the Forum... Civilians flee... Alert the troops to halt the rampage
  • The Legion needs more artillery... Build a working ballista, a catapult and battering-ram
  • Caesar mounts his chariot... He stands atop his Rostra to rally the city and the troops

It's a Victory for Rome! You get a Forum full of smashable monuments, more soldiers and all new civilians, Hannibal's mighty war-elephant, a working ballista, catapult, and battering-ram, Caesar's four-horse chariot, his authentic Ceremonial Rostra, and the towering Triumphal Arch of the Forum to celebrate the true Power and Glory of Rome!

And Rome is the most popular and fastest-moving set, so be sure to vote your support here first for free by pressing the big green button at the top right of this page. It's totally free to vote for as many sets as you want, since most of the fans are kids!

As soon as you have done that, you are ready to continue your journey onward to Civilizations and Empires, Level 2: The Odyssey Begins...

"The Real Indiana Jones"

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