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Smash 'em up with this "Smash Up Derby" game

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Have you ever sat and watched kids play with their cars and absolutely loved to bash them into one another. Then they want Lego and you say to them, if you are rough it will fall apart.
Well we say play with this set anyway you want. Smash the cars as many times as you want and of course rebuild the cars anyway you want as well. We will even put in a tow truck to take the broken cars away for you for added fun. With the car booster (not shown) you can use this set for almost anything your child can imagine.
The best part is this set has been created for both a single or multiple player in mind.

The set includes an announcers box complete with trophies, table, chair, computer station and the Announcer himself with microphone. Plenty of stands for all the fans that you have no matter what set they come from and of course the stadium. This is complete with three cars and a tow truck. The car boosters are not shown as part of the LDD model shown.
The way the set works is your child uses the car booster or their own power to move the car up the ramp and smash into the car on the other side. Watch the pieces fly and grab the tow truck to gather the cars up. Put the cars back together or not, and do it again.

A ten year old has created this model using the Lego Designer using his knowledge of the bricks and his imagination.

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