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Human Skull with Movable Jaw


I really love brick-built objects that look more like "the real thing" rather than toys (just like the buildings of LEGO's Architecture series) which you can put on a shelf or even on an office-table as decorational pieces. A life-sized human skull with movable jaw is one of these objects that would be such a great display-piece - and I think it would look really great next to those miniature buildings and the IDEAS-birds!

And why stop here and not make a whole Anatomy series which will help children understand the construction and function of the human body (or even other lifeforms)? As you will see on my other images of this project, I also already made some box-art to give a hint on what these products might look like.

Since this is the second time I'm submitting my skull-project and it already reached 6.740 supporters the first time, I really hope it will reach ist goal this time!

As suggested by some supporters of my previous project, I added a display-stand as well.

Since some people already asked me about the number of pieces my model consists of:
It has 1227 pieces.

AND, as promised before, you can download the LDD-model of my first skull-project here:

Please support my new project as well and help it reach its final goal :-)

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