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Mecha "T-Rex"


"T-Rex" is the largest carnivorous dinosaur in history.
It is also the largest carnivorous beast on earth.

The end of the dinosaur era reigns at the top of the ecosystem for about 3 million years, but it is reaching the end due to mass extinction at the end of Cretaceous.

"T-Rex" is thought to have used only the mighty chin and teeth as weapons.

When fossils were discovered, "T-Rex" was thought to be in an upright attitude.
However, as a result of recent research, "T-Rex" turned out to be a forward-looking attitude.

This model can reproduce both poses.

The skeleton is made with "Technique parts", so it is very sturdy.
And you can move the joints freely.
You can decorate "T-Rex" with your favorite pose.

If you balance with the tail, you can be independent even without a stand.

When making this work, there is fun like unearthing fossils.

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