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The Treasure of the Cave


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a legend says that at the end in the middle of the forest to find a treasure in a cave. This treasure was guarded by a very fierce guard and if someone beat it the magic door of the cave would open revealing the treasure but as this legend dates back several centuries the guard died of old age. one day an explorer decided to go looking for this treasure. Once in this mysterious forest he sees a path that he follows. He is followed on the way then he saw that the vegetation was denser. He perceived a corpse surely an explorer before him. He was on the right track. he saw a spider, a snake and a rabbit. He was hungry he decided to take a break to look for food he saw 7 pinions he was going to eat them but he looked at them carefully they were fly agaric very dangerous mushrooms he wouldn't eat anything but he knew he was all close. When he saw the cave it was a relief to see that the guard was dead. he advanced is the door of the cave under spin he saw that the treasure consisted of three nuggets of gold, 2 precious stones, a diamond and a chest.
 this construction is carried out on a green plate of 32 Pico by 32 Pico. It contains 10 tufts of grass, 7 mushrooms, a snake, a spider, a rabbit, a parrot and a frog. of 3 mini figurines an explorer a skeleton and a corpse skewered with a sword. From three firs from a battery to a motor to a connector to a remote control to a motor that spins and a remote control. The door to the cave is motorized the motors on the plate are camouflaged with foliage flowers and green bricks. the cave can be illuminated with a red colored light.
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