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Marine Executioner

The Marine Executioner is a giant futuristic battle submarine. It was originally the first model of a new theme I was designing, and was going .to be the flagship model of the theme. However, whilst working on other models I ended up, by pure accident, designing a replacement. This second model ended up becoming the Marine Executioner 2.0, and from there it became The Kestrel, which in turn spawned the theme Odyssey, which you can view on my projects page. This is why this model and Kestrel share similar features and details.

The Executioner measures 53.6cm long and contains 956 pieces. It includes numerous functions, including a military drone that's stored in the back, a gear that (when turned) rotates the two huge propellers at the rear of the craft, spring loaded shooters and loads of adjustable wings and flaps.

I may have only just uploaded it to LEGO Ideas, but this was actually one of my first ever LDD models, so I hope you like it, and as always, thanks in advance for the feedback and support.



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