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The Blue Quaker Parrot


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Welcome to the description
This used to be my pet blue Quaker parrot called Maui.
unfortunately, he passed a couple of months ago
he was a chonky birb

This set is about 18 blocks tall or around 6/5 inches tall
This set has 489 pieces.
The main colors are Blue and Gray.
The picture quality is to the best of my ability
His name is Maui

Why I made this
I decided to build this because I loved my bird and thought seeing a blocky version of my birb would be cool. I made this because I want to build a blocky version of my birb and this is my cheapest option.
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This would be a great set
This would be a great set because it's a bird and birds are amazing
This set would fit great on a desk or table, inside a fridge, or even on the hood of your car! It also has awesome nay FABULOUS blue on its back, on the other hand, it might not fit inside your fridge cause of how chonky it is.

this is just an idea if LEGO needs to make any changes, I am completely open to that.
I'm not that good at this

This is Maui a Blue Quaker parrot.
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