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"Dig, fight, explore, build!"


Terraria is a game that has always been dear to my heart, being my favourite game of all time - I've spent hours upon hours exploring its huge worlds and challenging myself with its bosses. I'm clearly not alone with this, because Terraria stands with gaming giants as the 13th best-selling game of all time! With Terraria's final update set to be released this year, I wanted to create a model that paid homage to as much of the game's vast content as possible, collaborating with the incredible Elliott (buzz_brickyear) who designed all of the prints you see throughout the set. This is what we ended up with!

About the Build

Translating a famously 2D game into three-dimensional LEGO bricks was an immediate challenge for the development of this model - we scrapped a few ideas that mostly involved just large builds of the game's bosses, and ended up with this slice of the game world. At only 6 studs deep, I was able to use pieces to generate a lot of height, with the model standing at around 23 inches at its tallest point. The model is split into two modular sections, which can be arranged in whichever order you feel like, or separately!

The model covers many of the game's iconic biomes, such as the forest, underworld, corruption, snow and underground mushroom. Despite the model's limited depth, there's plenty of room to pose minifigures, and even some treasures hidden away in cracks in the earth!

Aside from the terrain itself, I included builds of four of the game's early bosses: King Slime, the Eye of Cthulhu, the Eater of Worlds and the Wall of Flesh - all of which are either totally separate builds, or can easily be detached from the main model for ease of play!

My collaborator Elliott (Buzz Brickyear) designed the minifigures which you can see around the base of the model and in the second slide.

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