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The Thundertank - Thundercats


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The Thundertank is the iconic silver vehicle from the 1980's cartoon show "Thundercats". The original tank was packed with amazing features and details, most of which I have painstakingly recreated in LEGO. 

Over the time of the lockdown, I had to start getting creative in finding things to do. I have a lot of real LEGO, but I wanted to go bigger. Then I thought... what if there is a LEGO computer program? This led me to the discovery of LEGO Digital Designer. When I sat down to ponder what to build, this idea came up pretty quickly. Even though I am only a teenager at this point, my parents have introduced me to all things retro, and I have become a pretty big fan of the Thundercats franchise. I thought that this would be something really cool to translate into LEGO Technic, and even to motorize. There are so many neat functions that the Thundertank possesses, most of which I could see building with LEGO.

This LEGO set is full of intricate details that nerds will spend hours drooling over. The motorized rear treads are completely remote controlled, and there are retractable laser cannons for shooting at Mumra's goons. The arms lift up to reveal the front wheel undercarriages, featuring high tension springs. A mouth full of sharp teeth opens to eat up enemies. The sides of the tank are recreated as close to the original design as possible, complete with the angles and indents. The front cockpit  includes a detailed control panel, massive steering wheel, seats, and the shifter to put the tank from normal to battle mode.

The Features Include:
- Power Functions IR sensor
- Power Functions IR remote with comfort grip
- Raisable arms
- High-tension springs
- Retractable front stud-shooter
- Openable mouth
- Dual large Power Functions motors
- Power Functions battery pack
- Opening top doors
- Retractable rear triple spring-shooter cannon

Technical Statistics:
- Dimensions: approximately 27.5 cm wide x 43.5 cm long x 7.5 cm tall 
- Build: 2,230 pieces

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