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Moby Dick


The legendary Moby Dick really inspired me! By helping me with the Lego Digital Designer software, I managed to build it in LEGO! Thus, no one can forget the famous legend of the whale: Attracted by the sea and the open sea, Ishmael, the narrator, decides to go on a whale hunt. He embarked on the obviously, a whaler commanded by Captain Ahab. .. Ahab is looking for Moby Dick, a particularly fierce white whale, of impressive size, who has snatched a leg from him in the past...

Well, it's absolutely not the same size as the real one, but it's already very impressive and it's perfect for kids to create their own legend. He can also decorate their room, even those of their parents or some fans!

I used the "Lego Digital Designer" software and it helped me a lot. The majority of the pieces I used are white or light gray, exactly like this monster of the depths ...

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