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Ancient Communal House

The communal house, which is several hundred years old, always evokes in every villager the ancient, dignified and very familiar features. This is also a very typical symbol of the village that has entered folklore, poetry, painting, sculpture... and now reappeared through bricks.
The communal house is the administrative, cultural and social center of the village. All the important events of the village take place here such as festivals, meetings, folk singing and dancing... On weekdays, the communal house is a place where old people talk and children play together.
The communal house is usually a big, wide house built with large straight wooden pillars. The trusses, crossbars, longitudinal beams, and purlins of the communal house are also made of fine wood.
The roof of the communal house is tiled, the four corners of the blade are curved.
The wall of the communal house is made of wooden doors and wooden panels that can be easily disassembled when large space is needed to hold festivals.
The yard is paved with bricks. The village's outdoor events are often held here such as village markets, fairs, sports competitions...
In front of the communal house, there are four tall pillars and a semicircular lake.

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